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Dabei seit: 17.04.2019
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Bottom line: Attempting to force the identical alternating-skill playstyle on all courses is bound to alienate a large part of the game's Maplestory M Meso. I think that it's a mistake.MapleStoryM Expand the Buddylist to over 100+

Since my host has merged with another, I think our buddylist ought to be enlarged to over 100+ slots. I love to make new friends particularly when it makes the game much more fun to play and less lonely but following the world merge, it is difficult to make any new friends since my friend list has already maxed out to 100/100.

Would love it if you guys at Nexon Corp. would expand the friend list for the world alliance servers. Many of my friends and I had been anticipating the merge since our host was a little empty and because we got new people to meet, we'd love to incorporate all of them in our buddylist.

Or even 300? Heck even 150 is nice but a lot of us are missing opportunities to buy Maplestory mobile mesos make new friends within the sport, MapleStory, and making new friends would create us continue to play with the sport since it wouldn't feel lonely.

Yes, we got our original friends ahead of the entire world merge but many are either going on a long vacation, going to college, work, etc it would get quiet sometimes within the buddy chat.So yeah.... I hope I gave an exact reason why we have to get a buddy list growth.

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